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Planning, Measurement and Analysis

Planning, Measurement and Analysis

This topic area focuses on the early stages of a verification project. Topics include considerations for analyzing and evolving your verification capabilities, verification planning, and the introduction of metrics into a flow to measure success.

Planning, Measurement & Analysis Courses

Evolving Verification Capabilities

Evolving Verification Capabilities Course | Subject Matter Expert - Harry Foster | Planning, Measurement and Analysis Topic

This course provides a common framework for all advanced functional verification courses contained within the Verification Academy.

Metrics in SoC Verification

Metrics in SoC Verification Course | Subject Matter Expert - Andreas Meyer | Planning, Measurement & Analysis Topic

This course identifies a range of metrics across multiple aspects of today’s SoC functional verification process.

Verification Planning and Management

Verification Planning and Management Course | Subject Matter Expert - Peet James | Planning, Measurement & Analysis Topic

This course will define terms, logically divide up the verification effort, and lay the foundation for actual verification planning and management on a real project.

Planning, Measurement & Analysis Resources

Automation Management: Are You Living a Scripted Life?

Increasing demand for high quality IP and SoC designs and ever shortening design cycles puts pressure on IP and SoC houses to leverage automation as much as possible throughout the entire electronic design and verification processes.
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Efficient Project Management and Verification Sign-off Using Questa Verification Management?

Test and Verification Solutions (TVS) uses Questa Verification Management (Questa VM) for both project management and verification sign off for its asureVIP development program.
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Process Management: Are You Driving in the Dark with Faulty Headlights?

If your car's headlights were faulty, would you even think about leaving home in the dark bound for a distant destination to which you've never been? Even if you were armed with a map, a detailed set of instructions and a good flashlight, the blackness on the other side of your windshield would still make it difficult to navigate. And even with reliable headlights and maps, you'll invariably still encounter obstacles and detours.
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Data Management: Is There Such a Thing as an Optimized Unified Coverage Database?

With the sheer volumes of data that are produced from today's verification environments there is a real need for solutions that deliver both the highest capacities along with the performance to enable the data to be accessed and analyzed in a timely manner.
Horizons Article

Metrics in SoC Verification

Process metrics provide a clear, quantitative and objective measure to assess process performance and progress towards a specific process goal. SoC functional verification involves integrating multiple IP blocks. So understanding how to define, measure, correlate, and analyze appropriate IP and system-level metrics is fundamental to improving performance and achieving quality goals.

Verification Management Eases Those Re-spin Worries

There are three dimensions to any IC design project: the process, the tools and the data. Any comprehensive approach to verification management needs to handle them all.

Verification Management: Major Challenges

Verification management is one of the most important factors in today's verification of silicon chips and SoC designs.

Evolving the Coverage-Driven Verification Flow

Over the past decade, coverage-driven verification has emerged as a means to deal with increasing design complexity and ever more constrained schedules. Among the benefits of the new methodology -- a dramatically expanded set of verification metrics and tools providing much improved visibility into the verification process.

Verification Management and Planning

When verification is not under control, project schedules slip, quality is jeopardized and the risk of re-spins soars. What’s required is a common platform and environment that provides all parties – system architects, software engineers, designers and verification specialists – with real-time visibility into the project.
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Re-defining Verification Performance

Performance is key to achieving verification productivity. Yet, traditional brute force approaches to improving performance will only provide incremental benefits, which will not keep up with Moore's Law.
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Verification Planning and Management Consulting

The gap between your ability to design and your ability to verify is growing fast. Mentor Consulting minimizes the design/verification gap through industry-proven techniques and tools to improve the quality, efficiency and determinism of your verification project.
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