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May 21st - El Segundo, CA
May 23rd - San Diego, CA

June 4th - Westford, MA
June 6th - Huntsville, AL

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    Wednesday, May 22nd | 8:00 AM US/Pacific

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  2. Session Overview

    In 2021 Siemens EDA released CDC Assist. CDC Assist is an ML powered feature that empowers users to configure, debug, and close CDC on designs more rapidly. Following the success of CDC Assist, Siemens introduced RDC Assist in 2023.

    Using the same ML technology in CDC Assist, RDC Assist dramatically improves the time and effort required to configure, debug, and close reset domain crossing analysis.

    Since RDC violations often have a common cause, RDC Assist helps users to identify the root cause for the RDC violations and errors through data mining and machine learning techniques.

    We will discuss use models and best practices to utilize RDC Assist, and walk through a demo showing its power.

    What You Will Learn

    • How RDC Assist helps users expedite their RDC Analysis
    • How to run RDC Assist
    • How to analyze RDC Assist results in the UI
    • How to use RDC Assist to focus on major hotspots first
    • Techniques presented are applicable to both CDC and RDC analysis

    Who Should Attend

    • RTL designers, anyone that runs CDC or RDC, design team leads

    What/Which Products are Covered

    • Questa RDC