Upcoming RDC Assist Webinar

Questa RDC Assist – Improving designer productivity and enabling faster RDC verification closure with machine learning

Wednesday, May 22nd | 8:00 AM US/Pacific

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  1. On-Demand

    New Advanced Techniques for Reset Domain Crossing (RDC) Analysis

    In this session, you will learn new RDC, methodology, and automation techniques including; how to hierarchically characterize and structure reset (and clock) domain models for rapid analysis and re-use of IP-level RDC information as the design grows, waiver management flows, creating custom synchronizers and considerations for low power designs with UPF.

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  4. Block Container: Questa Design Solutions Introduction

    1. Questa Design Solutions Overview

      Questa Design Solutions tools are built on a consistent foundation with a common debug and user interface, producing designs that are correct-by-construction, proving designs meet the designer’s intent and the project’s quality requirements, and protecting the design throughout its development.

      The high impact of design issues on projects

      Mistakes happen, but finding and fixing issues late in programs increases overall program scope, as well as schedule and resource requirements. Competitive pressures push teams constantly to do more. Functional verification teams face significant challenges to build testbenches quickly, uncover design issues and enable rapid debug. Incomplete or incorrect bug fixes (or even a hurried introduction of new bugs) compound the problem. In addition, there are classes of design bugs that are challenging to catch at all in functional verification.

      Superior capabilities and quality of results

      Through a combination of data analysis, hierarchical and multi-modal technologies, leading analysis engines providing advanced static verification technologies, Questa Design Solutions provides fast analysis with high quality of results and minimal noise. These analyses provide not only results, but insight behind the issues, such as metrics, visualization and recommendations. Questa Design Solutions delivers these results and insights, without a testbench, with technologies built to scale across the most challenging designs and projects.