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    Comprehensive CXL 3.0 Verification for High-Bandwidth and Low-Latency Connectivity

    In this session, you will learn considerations for exhaustive verification of the CXL interconnect and how the Siemens Avery CXL Validation Suite enables hardware and software development teams to start system integration and validation extremely early.

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  3. Verification Protocols & Support

    Avery Verification IP supports a large library of industry-standard protocol and memory interfaces and devices. It includes standard SystemVerilog UVM components using a consistent, common architecture that allows rapid deployment of multiple protocols or memory models within a verification team.

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  5. VIP Block Container Primary (Overview)

    1. Verification IP Enhances Productivity

      Avery Verification IP Enhances Productivity

      Avery Verification IP (VIP) offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by semiconductor design and verification teams. It provides pre-built, reusable verification components that represent various protocols, interfaces, and standards used in modern electronic systems. Avery Verification IP includes models, testbenches, assertions, and coverage models specific to each protocol, enabling faster and more effective verification of complex designs. By leveraging Avery Verification IP, design and verification teams can significantly reduce the time and effort required to develop custom verification environments, thus accelerating the overall verification process.

      One of the key value propositions of using Avery Verification IP is its ability to enhance productivity. Avery Verification IP eliminates the need for design and verification teams to develop verification components from scratch for each design project. Instead, they can leverage pre-verified and reusable Avery Verification IP components, which saves considerable time and effort. This allows engineers to focus on higher-value tasks such as critical corner-case scenarios and system-level verification, resulting in increased productivity and improved time-to-market.

      Moreover, Avery Verification IP offers a higher level of confidence in the design correctness. Avery Verification IP vendors invest significant resources in developing and rigorously testing their verification components, ensuring their reliability and accuracy. These components undergo extensive verification against protocol specifications, stress testing, and compatibility checks, thus minimizing the risk of undetected bugs and functional issues. By utilizing Avery Verification IP, design teams can leverage the expertise and experience of the Avery Verification IP vendor, ultimately leading to higher-quality designs and reducing the chances of costly re-spins.

      Another benefit of using Avery Verification IP is its ability to enable comprehensive verification. Avery Verification IP includes a wide range of features such as error injection, protocol checking, and coverage analysis, which facilitate thorough and exhaustive verification. With Avery Verification IP, engineers can easily validate the compliance of their designs with specific protocols and standards, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with other components. Avery Verification IP also provides advanced features like functional coverage and transaction-level modeling, enabling a deeper analysis of system-level behavior and verification closure.

      Reusability and Interoperability

      Avery Verification IP is designed to be highly reusable across different projects and teams. Once an Avery Verification IP is developed and validated, it can be reused in multiple projects, saving time and effort. Moreover, Avery Verification IPs from different vendors are often interoperable, allowing engineers to mix and match components from different sources. This interoperability enables collaboration between different teams and facilitates the exchange of verification components, further increasing productivity.

      Faster Time-to-Market

      Verification is a critical aspect of the design process that can significantly impact time-to-market. By using Avery Verification IP, engineers can accelerate the verification process, identify and resolve issues earlier, and reduce the overall time required for verification. Avery Verification IPs provide a head start in developing verification environments, allowing engineers to focus on the unique aspects of their designs and quickly iterate through the verification process. This shortened verification cycle translates into faster time-to-market, giving companies a competitive edge.

      Risk Mitigation

      Avery Verification IP helps mitigate risks associated with complex designs. By relying on pre-verified Avery Verification IPs, engineers can detect and fix design issues early in the development cycle. This reduces the risk of costly re-spins and improves overall design quality. Avery Verification IPs also provide comprehensive error detection and coverage analysis capabilities, allowing engineers to identify potential corner cases and ensure robustness in their designs. By using Avery Verification IPs, companies can mitigate risks associated with verification and improve the overall reliability of their products.

      Cost Savings

      Developing and maintaining in-house verification environments for complex protocols can be expensive. Avery Verification IP offers a cost-effective solution by providing pre-verified and reusable models. Instead of investing resources in developing and maintaining protocol-specific verification environments, companies can leverage Avery Verification IPs to save time, effort, and costs. Additionally, the reusability and interoperability of Avery Verification IPs further contribute to cost savings by maximizing the utilization of existing verification assets across different projects.

      Comprehensive Protocol Support

      Avery Verification IP offers comprehensive protocol support for widely used industry standards such as PCIe, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, AMBA, and many more. These protocols are constantly evolving, and developing verification environments from scratch for each new protocol version can be time-consuming and error-prone. Avery Verification IPs keep pace with the latest protocol specifications, ensuring accurate and up-to-date verification. This allows engineers to focus on the unique aspects of their design, rather than spending time on protocol-specific details.

      Accurate and Reliable Verification

      Avery Verification IP is developed by experts who have an in-depth understanding of the protocols they represent. These experts work closely with the standardization bodies and contribute to the development and refinement of protocol specifications. Avery Verification IPs undergo rigorous testing and verification, ensuring accuracy and reliability. By using Avery Verification IPs, engineers can have confidence in the correctness of their verification environment and focus on identifying design issues rather than worrying about potential protocol bugs.

      Improved Verification Productivity

      Avery Verification IP significantly enhances the productivity of verification engineers by providing pre-verified and reusable models for standard protocols and interfaces. Instead of starting from scratch, engineers can leverage these models to accelerate the verification process. Avery Verification IPs encapsulate the knowledge and expertise of protocol specifications, reducing the effort required to understand complex protocols and accelerating the development of verification environments.

      Avery Verification IP Conclusion

      Avery Verification IP fosters collaboration and compatibility among different design and verification teams. As Avery Verification IP components are standardized and widely adopted in the industry, they serve as a common language between various teams working on different parts of a complex design. This ensures seamless integration and communication, leading to improved overall project efficiency. Avery Verification IP also enables the reuse of verification environments across different projects and teams, fostering a scalable and modular approach to verification methodology.

      Cost savings is another significant advantage offered by Avery Verification IP. Developing custom verification components requires substantial engineering resources, including skilled personnel, time, and infrastructure. By utilizing Avery Verification IP, design teams can avoid these costs, as the pre-built components are already available and extensively tested. Additionally, Avery Verification IP reduces the risk of missed bugs and design issues, which can result in expensive re-spins and delays. By investing in high-quality Avery Verification IP, companies can achieve significant cost savings throughout the entire design and verification process.

      In conclusion, the value proposition and benefits of using Avery Verification IP are extensive. Avery Verification IP enhances productivity, improves design correctness, enables comprehensive verification, fosters collaboration, and offers cost savings. With Avery Verification IP, design and verification teams can leverage pre-verified and reusable components, saving time and effort while ensuring high-quality designs. As the complexity of electronic systems continues to grow, Avery Verification IP plays a critical role in accelerating the verification process, reducing risk, and ultimately enabling successful semiconductor designs.