Prioritize write function call from UVM monitor

I’m using UVM based VIP for the AXI traffic generation.

We have a scenario where, the write and read is sent at the same time to the design.

The monitor captures the address ended transactions and it writes to the analysis port, which is connected to the write method implemented in the scoreboard.

Here, the design processes the read transfer first and then the write transfer.

But the VIP monitor, captures the write transfer first, sends it to UVM-scoreboard, and then the reads are captured and written to the scoreboard.

How can I prioritize reads over writes?

Can this be done in the write method implementation in the scoreboard as the monitor of the VIP is not editable?

I’m verifying the order of the transactions being processed.

In reply to suhas.ns:

If you are running bus reads/writes in a fork/join and you want to see first always the write you have to set a higher priority for the write. The write then will be selected first and afterwards the write.