Clock with 45% to 50% duty cycle

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Could you please let me know how to generate clock with 45% to 50% duty cycle


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Simple math: 45% to 50% duty cycle is not a 100%in the cycle.
You most likely mean 45% to 55% duty cycle.
SO the clock could remain at 0 for 45ps and at 1 for 55p (or multiple x10 of these values.

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I think they meant having a random duty cycle between 45% and 50%. It wasn’t clear if this was a jitter bounds, or a one-time setup. Either way, this kind of calculation could be used.

real clock_period = 1ns; // 1GHz for example
real clock_low, clock_high;

initial forever begin
         clock_high = clock_period * $urandom_tange(50,45)/100.0;
         clock_low = clock_period - clock_high;
         #clock_low clock = 1;
         #clock_high clock = 0;

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Thanks Dave. The topic of random delays was also addressed in many posts. Here’s one of them

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Thanks Ben and Dave for providing the clarifications