Can uvm register model which support backdoor operation included in a package?

Hi all:
The uvm register model backdoor use direct hierarchy reference register of DUT. Now register model is constructed in env:

class ahb_env extends uvm_env;
    ahb_reg_model reg_model;
    function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
        reg_model = ahb_reg_model::type_id::create("reg_model", this);
    endfunction : build_phase
endclass : ahb_env

Then both ahb_reg_model & ahb_env is included in env_pkg:

package env_pkg;
    `include ""
    `include ""

In test_top:

module test_top;
    import env_pkg::*;
    ahb_reg_system DUT (...);

But register model can’t hierarchy reference signal out of the scope of package, how to deal with it?

The backdoor paths in the register model are accessed via DPI, not through direct hierarchical access - that is how the package scoping restrictions are avoided.

In reply to jcraft:

Thank you very much!