Write '1' and '0' is not happening while running bit bash sequence

Hi All,

I am trying to run bit bash sequence for my register model. But it seems writing ‘1’ and ‘0’ are not happening on any register. I am not getting any error message.

Only below uvm_info messages I am getting from reg_single_bit_bash_seq for each register.

112419630000:I:uvm_test_top…m_master.sequencer@@reg_bit_bash.reg_single_bit_bash_seq: uvm_reg_bit_bash_seq: Verifying bits in register ABC.XYZ in map “ABC.XYZ.reg_map”…

What is the exact meaning of above info message?

In waves I am not seeing any transaction on these registers.

Also I haven’t excluded any register by setting NO_REG_BIT_BASH_TEST or NO_REG_TESTS to 1.


In reply to devangpatil:

There could a number of factors .
Could you share a edaplayground link to your code .