What is the advantage of using ##0 over |-> overlapping implication operator in SVA?

Hi, When i replace |-> with ##0 in my code i’m observing some change, but i’m interested in knowing what is the advantage of using ##0 over |->. can anyone help me with this

Thanks You

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(1) Implication operators ( |-> / |=> ) are illegal within a sequence body. So you will have to use ##0/##1 instead.

(2) Using ##N ( where N >= 0 ) enables the user to concatenate sequences.

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Thanks for the Reply.
But is there any difference when we use these in the property. does using ##0 avoid vacuous success.

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The ##n is a sequence operator, The |-> is a property operator.
a |-> b // if a==0 then the property is vacuous.
a ##0 v // if a==0 then the sequence is not a match,

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