Uvm_reg_field::get() usage

I have integrated the register model and while running the test, I want to get the value of a field from the model. Now I am using uvm_reg_field::get()/get_mirrored_value() to read the value. Currently the register is not written so there is no update to the mirror value. I am calling uvm_reg_map::reset() when the DUT comes out of reset. I am expecting the desired and mirror values should be the reset value of the register. But that is not happening. I am not getting the reset value when I call get() or get_mirrored_value() on the field. If I call get_reset() I get the reset value.
I’m not interested in reset value but the current mirrored value in the field that may be reset value or the last updated value. Please let me know if I am missing anything here.

– Anand.