Phase Doubt: build, connect, start (pre-start, start, post-start), run(......),

  1. I understand there are lot of phases in UVM to give greater control over the stimulus. Can anyone elaborate on greater control over the stimulus? Since I have never used them, I fear I might be missing some essential concepts while constructing my verification environment.

  2. Is there a way to create a very simple verification environment with the sole purpose of demonstrating the variations that occur if the stimulus generation, etc doesn’t fall in the right phases?

  3. Any references will also be of great help.

You should never need anything more that the run_phase(). Trying to use any other phases will result in significant difficulties when trying to re-use your components. All stimulus generation will occur within your sequences, and you should use virtual sequences to co-ordinate all your sub-sequences.

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oh okay. Can you point me to any documents that describes these phases in detail?