Functions inside apb adapter are not being called from the test sequence


I have an apb_adapter which has two default functions in it. I have written a sequence for registers read as shown below

foreach(reg_q[i]) begin 

    ref_data = reg_q[i].get_reset();
    reg_q[i].read(status,Data, .parent(this));
    if(ref_data!=Data) begin 
       `uvm_error("REG_RESET_TEST_SEQ",$sformatf("ERROR READ RESET VALUES FOR %s: expe:%0h Actual %0h",reg_q[i].get_name(),ref_data,Data))


//adapter reg2bus

       `uvm_info(get_type_name(),$sformatf("reg2bus addr=%0d data=%0d",pkt.Addr,pkt.Data),UVM_NONE)

test case runs successfully without any errors but the `uvm_info which I have declared in the reg2bus and bus2reg doesn’t seem to appear in the log. Does this mean I have not made connections proper in the TB? I see the adapter file being compiled.

In reply to verific_engi:

Hard to say what might be wrong with so little code. I suggest interactive debugging setting a breakpoint on the call to read and stepping through the code.

In reply to dave_59:

Will do that . Thanks Dave