Cross Coverage using iff, binsof and intersect constructs


Please go through the following :

c3: cross c1,c2 {bins ad13   =   binsof(c1.a1) && binsof(c1.a3) iff (c2 intersect {binsof(c2.d5)});}

The error is:Error: (vlog-13069) near “intersect”: syntax error, unexpected “SystemVerilog keyword ‘intersect’”.

** Error: (vlog-13205) Syntax error found in the scope following ‘data’. Is there a missing ‘::’?

In reply to Shashank Gurijala:

I know iff construct can be used against a coverpoint. I tried using it for an explicit binsof construct. Is it legal?

In reply to Shashank Gurijala:

The iff (expression) is a boolean expression that gets evaluated when a sampling a covergroup. It is basically an enable for the bin counters; it has nothing to do with creation of bins.