Change a value of field in the agent configuration file (object) in base sequence

I have a base sequence, and some sequences extend it.

I want that the base sequence will responsible for setting the constraints of some member of the transaction.

For example:

class axi_base_sequence extends uvm_sequence#(axi_transaction);
   //configuration object
   axi_agent_config m_cfg;
   //factory registration

   function new (string name = "axi_sequence");;
   endfunction: new

   //members decleration
   delay_type  delay_t;
   int fixed_delay;
axi_transaction axi_trx;

**//can I add the following to ensure that the set constrain always happens?
      if(!uvm_config_db #(axi_agent_config)::get(m_sequencer, "", "db_axi_agent_config", m_cfg)) begin
                `uvm_error("task_body", "axi_agent_config not found")
      m_cfg.max = 3455;
      m_cfg.max = 34;**

endclass: axi_base_sequence