Can SystemVerilog spawn a parallel DPI-C thread and exchange data with it periodically?

Is it possible in SystemVerilog to call a DPI-C routine, let it run in the background and exchange new inputs and outputs with it periodically?

In my application, I’m calling the Python interpreter in C++ and passing information to SystemVerilog through DPI-C. I can only call the DPI-C routine once and can not call it again later in the simulation; due to a limitation in how some Python libraries, like NumPy, are modelled. If the DPI-C routine is called again, the Python interpreter is reinitialized and some imported libraries will cause the code to crash.

So, is it possible to workaround this issue by calling this DPI-C routine one, let it run in parallel and pass new inputs to it and get a new output?

In reply to Khaled Ismail:

The concept of hardware threads in SystemVerilog and software threads in C/C++ do not mix. It is possible for your DPI-C code to be called as a task and then it call back into exported SystemVerilog.

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