Whether function coverage is required or not


Could we write cover group for below Specification.

Specification :- (fll_lock):- FLL LOCK is asserted on detecting two positive edges of FLL INC or FLL DEC only when (fll_sar_eoc == 1). and two positive edge of fll_inc or fll_dec (consecutive is not necessary ) between 1 to 6 clock cycle of sampled_clk

I have written one assertion to verify one specification so should we write functional cover group for the same or not ? will it add any extra benefit ?

The tool which i am using is already letting me know which are the assertion is getting triggered or not while generation the functional coverage report.

In reply to rkg_:

Most tools will include assertion passing non-vacuously as functional coverage. So in most cases you would not have to write a separate coverpoint for it.