Uvmc compile errors when compiling UVM and systemc together

Hi I am trying to compile and run sv2sc.v example in our uvm testbench with systemc.
I am getting following error in compile

/…/output/sv2sc.o: In function uvmc_converter<tlm::tlm_generic_payload>::do_pack(tlm::tlm_generic_payload const&, uvmc::uvmc_packer&)': /pathtomywa/uvmc_exmple_29/uvmc-2.3.2/src/connect/sc/uvmc_convert.h:132: undefined reference to uvmc::uvmc_packer::operator<<(unsigned long long)’
/pathtomywa/uvmc_exmple_29/uvmc-2.3.2/src/connect/sc/uvmc_convert.h:133: undefined reference to `uvmc::uvmc_packer::operator<<(int)’

I am using VCS simulator and passing uvmc-2.3.2/src/connect/sv/uvmc_pkg.sv to vcs command and
passing -I{Pathtomyarea}uvmc-2.3.2/src/connect/sc to systemc command

Do you know what else I need to pass to systemc command to get rid of above errors?