Uvm_config_db in an interface

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I want to do a configuration class handle in an “interface”.

Lets say interaface has 2 instances and each instance will have its own configuration handle.

Lets assume my interface doesnt have knowledge of whether it is interface instance0 or interface instance1.

If I want to do uvm_config_db::get inside an interface, how can I do it?

Please note that we cant use “this” inside an interface.

As an example :
uvm_config_db#(dfi_intf_pkg::dfi_intf_cfg)::get(uvm_root::get(), “*”, “cfg”, cfg))

The above statement has issue that we cant be sure that instance 0 will get cfg handle 0 and instance 1 will get config handle 1.

If uvm_root::get() is replaced by “this”, it would have worked fine(I think so) but we cant have “this” inside an interface.

Please let me know how to do it?

Thanks ,

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In reply to uvm_user235:
The uvm_config_db is just doing string matching to find your configuration object. The first argument to set/get is going to be replaced with cntxt.get_full_name(), and then concatenated with the inst_name, and finally the field_name


So even if there was such a thing as this for an interface instance, it would not help because the cntxt argument needs to be a class with a get_full_name() method.

Your choices are to pass a unique field_name string to each interface instance, or use %m to create an inst_name argument.

import uvm_pkg::*;
interface itf;
   parameter string inst_name = $sformatf("%m");
   function void print;
      string s;
      if (uvm_config_db#(string)::get(null,inst_name,"s",s))
   endfunction : print
endinterface : itf

module top;
   itf i1();
   itf i2();

   initial begin
endmodule : top

I Have situation in which backdoor read ,write task is defined in interface , i want to collect address and data in scoreboard .

Can we set config_db inside a interface and get in scoreboard

You can certainly set uvm_config_db in a module or interface and read it in a class method. But an analysis_port is a much better form of communication.

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