Time complexity of array operations in SystemVerilog

I am new to systemverilog and I am curious about the time efficiency of the operations of arrays/queues/associative arrays/ dynamic arrays in SV.

For example,

  1. what is the time complexity of using built-in function insert() to insert an element to the middle of a SV queue? (
void insert (input integer index, input element_t item);

2. What is the time complexity of using the SV associative array method


Also, I would like to know if there are any resources/tutorials/websites that I can use to learn the time complexity of some basic manipulations of different SV data structures. I have tried SystemVerilog LRM but got somewhat overwhelmed.
Is the calculation of time/space efficiency basically the same as in Java/C++?

Any tips would be appreciated!
Thank you very much!

In reply to theelmtree:

The SystemVerilog LRM does not contain any information or requirements about how any feature should be implemented. The LRM informally mentions constant-time access to the head or tail of a queue, as well as constant-time access to all its elements. I don’t know how you could easily get constant-time access to all of an unbounded queue’s elements.

But you can assume any implementation would be similar to what is in Java/C++.