How to use get_full_hdl_path for the register

I want to find the full path of the, I have use below function from uvm_reg :
function void get_full_hdl_path ( ref uvm_hdl_path_concat paths[$],
input string kind = “”,
input string separator = “.” )

but it gives a variable of uvm_hdl_path_concat. how to print this variable get the full path. In uvm_reg_block.svh , there is function which convert this variable into string that is function string uvm_hdl_concat2string(uvm_hdl_path_concat concat) which return the string so, I have tried to use this function, but it is not working, so anybody can help me how can I print the uvm_hdl_path_concat variable or how can I use uvm_hdl_concat2string function.