How to track a changes in a sequence in a UVM testbench?

Hey Everyone!

I have been trying to figure out how to track a sequence, say for example a sequence is being run that is setting the pstate variable to 1 and then doing some data transfer and setting then pstate variable to 0.
And I would like to visualize these activities in terms of signal activity, how do I do that? Basically, trying to figure out how a particular sequence is being translated to Pin level activity :
[1]When did the sequence start?
[2] What dut pins did it drive
[3] What registers did it write or read from
[4] When did the sequence end?
Would it be possible to track these things preferably in a waveform or what other methods can be used to track these things?
Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.
Note: I am using Verdi to do this.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your answers!

In reply to dc9n:

Visualizing simulation is a tool specific feature. This Mentor/Siemens EDA sponsored public forum is not for discussing tool specific usage or issues. Please read your tool’s user manual or contact your tool vendor directly for support.