How To Run Script Files in Questa Sim (I am Facing Problem while Running Sript Files)

QuestaSim>help make

No help for make available.

QuestaSim>help makefile

No help for makefile available.

QuestaSim>help make

No help for make available.

QuestaSim>make -f Makefile

wrong # args: should be “make_rpc_server”

QuestaSim>make -f questa

wrong # args: should be “make_rpc_server”

QuestaSim>make -f

wrong # args: should be “make_rpc_server”

The above all are Error while i am Running Script Files on Questa sim 10.0b Can you Please any one Guide How run Script Files and Provides the Necessary Tool Commands.

The Script Files are Located in run directory of the Following Link :- GitHub - cluelogic/uvm-tutorial-for-candy-lovers: Source code repo for UVM Tutorial for Candy Lovers


You need to run make from a Linux shell. If you are running Windows, you will need to contact the author of the tutorial for instructions.

BTW Questa 10.0b is very old for running UVM examples.

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Here the Author is Giving the Limited Instructions Through file.First of all i can’t able to understand it Completely. Even If i am following that file means i can’t able to Compile the TB. So If you have any idea on Compiling Script Files Please Go through file avialable in this Link Updated · cluelogic/uvm-tutorial-for-candy-lovers@e9f529e · GitHub can you please tell me what steps i need to follow to Achieve the Simulation Results


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I downloaded and tried the example.
On Linux, you open a shell and go into the run directory.
You can use the makefile provided.
To compile and run a test : make questa TUTORIAL=1

If you are running on Windows, then the makefile won’t work.
The makefile contains shell commands that are not understood on Windows.

I converted the commands in the Makefile to TCL, so they will work on any operating system
Save the following lines into a file called that is located in the run directory.
Then invoke Questa and you can execute a test by going
do 1 -: runs test #1
do 7 -: runs test #7


echo “ARGS = $argc”

set TUTORIAL $argc

switch $TUTORIAL {
1 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
2 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
3 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
4 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
5 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
6 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
7 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_recipe_test}
8 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_recipe_test}
9 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_reg_test}
15 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
21 {set tutorial_file
set testname jelly_bean_test}
default {
expr {3}


set src_dir …/src
set compile_files $src_dir/$tutorial_file
set compile_opts +define+TUTORIAL=$TUTORIAL
set run_opts +UVM_TESTNAME=$testname
set top_module top

set QUESTA_LIB_DIR ./work

set questa_compile_opts “$compile_opts +define+CL_USE_QUESTA”
set questa_run_opts $run_opts
set questa_run_cmd_file modelsim.cmd


vlog $questa_compile_opts $compile_files
vsim $questa_run_opts $top_module -do $questa_run_cmd_file