How to debug p_sequencer connection?

Hi All,

As I know, there are 2 ways of implementing sequencer.
way of using `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(), So I can use “p_sequencer” to start sequence.
way of using sequencer’s hierachy name to start sequence.
When I check “null” value as below, There was no compilation problem.

if( base_ahb_seq == null) 
                `uvm_info(get_type_name(),"!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO base_ahb_seq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", UVM_LOW)
          if( p_sequencer.masterSeqr1 != null) 
                 `uvm_info(get_type_name(),"!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO seqr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", UVM_LOW) 

But I’m stuck on getting *E,TRNULLID: NULL pointer dereference error when I ran UVM code…
How do I know “P_SEQUENCER” was correctly implemented or not? ( I know, it’s not recommaned way of using “p_sequencer”. But that uvm was made from other user’s UVC. and I have to use it in my side)