Getting fatal error while doing uvm_config_db get method in scoreboard


I’m new to handling multi env in single testbench.
one env is apb env another one is main env.
Inside the user_defined_apb_env, i set the ral model using config db like below

if (model == null) begin
        model = ral_model::type_id::create("model");;

    uvm_config_db#(uvm_reg_block)::set(this,"user_defined_apb_env.*", "regmodel", model)

in base test , again i set the ral block using config data base like below.

ral_block_pro m_model;
function void connect_phase(uvm_phase phase);
      m_model = main_env_inst.apb_env_inst.model;
       if(!$cast(m_model, this.m_model))
       `uvm_fatal(get_type_name(),"can't get ral model");
      uvm_config_db#(ral_block_pro)::set(null, "*","REG_MODEL",m_model);

in scoreboard, i need to access ral block so i tried like below

ral_block_pro m_model;
function void connect_phase(uvm_phase phase);
   `uvm_error("", "could not get ral block inside scoreboard"

am getting below fatal error.
could not get ral block inside scoreboard

Please help me on this.

Two potential problems

You are doing a set() and get() in the same phase in different components. You need to make sure the set() comes first. You might have to do the get() in a later phase.

You passed get(null,"",..) as arguments. You should pass get(this,"",...) if the scoreboard is under base_test environment.

Thank you dave! it’s working now. I have one more doubt.
Initially, i set the ral model in ral _env only. i tried to get a ral model inside sequece and scoreboard using config_deb get method. i got some issue. so again i set the ral model inside base test. after that can able get ral model inside SB and seq.
May i know the reason why I need to set ral data base 2 types.

You do not need to pass the RAL model to the sequence using the config_db.
You are starting your sequence from your test which is a component. You can directly connet your RAL model in the sequence from your test.

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