Disable uvm_info from individual component

We have more than 500 components(agents,drivers,monitors etc) in our test bench.
We get a lot of displays from each of them usnig uvm_info
Is it possible to disable/enable display from a particular component.
PS- All components have same verbosity

For uvm_info the default action is UVM_DISPLAY. If you want to take some other actions we can take it by id by using the method set_report_id_action. The other actions can be UVM_LOG, UVM_EXIT, UVM_NO_ACTION.
So now if the messages have to be turned off we can set action has UVM_NO_ACTION.


Shanthi V A
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In reply to shanthi:

I want to suprress all displays from command line. I am using

but it is not working

this should Turn off all INFO messages everywhere
#uvm_cmdline = +uvm_set_action=*,ALL,UVM_INFO,UVM_NO_ACTION

But uvm_info where there is no ID are being displayed

In reply to Jack Bryan:

If you want to disable the infos in all the components then you can use


If you want to disable only in a particular component, you need to mention the component hierarchical path as shown below


with the above command-line option all the info from ahb_driver will be turned off

Shanthi V A
www. maven-silicon.com


This is not working… can see the number of displays have reduced, but still i can see some displays. I dont know why