Assertion to check the behavior of a state machine


we have a requirement to write assertion to check behavior of a state machine. This FSM goes through 8 states and the duration of each state is controlled by the value is a register(there are 8 registers).

One way to check the behavior is to implement a similar state machine in the assertion module and write a property to check the state predicted in assertion module with the actual fsm state. But this will be a duplication of RTL.

Is any alternate approach available to implement the fsm behavior check with an assertion?


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The best way to check an FSM is to check the intended behavior per the requirements.
The FSM (or microcode) is an implementation for a string of requirements.
From my SVA book, here are assertions for a traffic light controller with the additional requirement to handle emergency vehicles.

/*`define true 1
  typedef enum {OFF, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, PRE_GREEN} lights_t; 

module tlight_props
   input  lights_t ns_light,  // North/South light status, Main road
   input  lights_t ew_light,  // East/West light status
   input 	   ew_sensor, // East/West sensor for new car
   input 	   emgcy_sensor, // emergency sensor 
   input 	   reset_n,   // synchronous reset
   input 	   clk,       // master clock

// internal states:
   input [1:0]  ns_green_timer,
   input 	ew_green_req
  timeunit 1ns;
  timeprecision 1ns;
  parameter FAIL   = 1'b0;

  // sequence defintion
 // sequence qEmgcy;
 //   @ (posedge clk) emgcy_sensor;
 //  endsequence : qEmgcy
  // **************************************************                  
  // Safety property
  property Never_NS_EW_ALL_GREEN;
      disable iff (!reset_n) 
     not (ns_light==GREEN && ew_light==GREEN);
  endproperty : Never_NS_EW_ALL_GREEN
  Never_NS_EW_ALL_GREEN_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) Never_NS_EW_ALL_GREEN);
  // **************************************************  
  // State of lights at reset  
  property nsLightAtReset;
     // disable iff (!reset_n) 
     reset_n==1'b0 |=> ns_light==OFF;
  endproperty : nsLightAtReset
  nsLightAtReset_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) nsLightAtReset);
  property ewLightAtReset;
     // disable iff (!reset_n) 
    reset_n==1'b0 |=> ew_light==OFF;
   endproperty : ewLightAtReset
  ewLightAtReset_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) ewLightAtReset); 
  // **************************************************  
  // State of lights during emergency
  // Lights switch from GREEN to YELLOW to RED 
  property NsLightsWhenEmergency;
     disable iff (!reset_n) 
    emgcy_sensor |=> `true[*2] ##1  ns_light==RED;
   endproperty : NsLightsWhenEmergency
  NsLightsWhenEmergency_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) NsLightsWhenEmergency);
  property EwLightsWhenEmergency;
     disable iff (!reset_n) 
     emgcy_sensor |=> `true[*2] ##1 ew_light==RED;
  endproperty : EwLightsWhenEmergency
  EwLightsWhenEmergency_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) EwLightsWhenEmergency);
  // **************************************************  
  // Safety, GREEN to RED is illegal.  Need YELLOW
  property NsNeverFromGreenToRed;
     disable iff (!reset_n) 
    not (ns_light==GREEN ##1 (ns_light==RED)); 
  endproperty : NsNeverFromGreenToRed
  NsNeverFromGreenToRed_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) NsNeverFromGreenToRed);
  property EwNeverFromGreenToRed;
     disable iff (!reset_n) 
     not ((ew_light==GREEN) ##1 (ew_light==RED) );
  endproperty : EwNeverFromGreenToRed
  EwNeverFromGreenToRed_1 : assert property(@ (posedge clk) EwNeverFromGreenToRed);
  // **************************************************
   // The NorthSouth light is the main street light.  
  // If ns is green and no emergency or ew sensor, then next cycle is also GREEN
  property NsGreenNext;
    (ns_light==GREEN) && ($past(emgcy_sensor)==1'b0 && reset_n==1'b1 
                      &&  ew_green_req == 1'b0) |=> ns_light==GREEN;
 endproperty : NsGreenNext
 NsGreenNext_1:  assert property (@ (posedge clk) NsGreenNext);
  // **************************************************
  // East-West light to RED errata 3/23/05
 // //   property EwLightToRed;
// //      disable iff (!reset_n || emgcy_sensor) 
// //      (ew_green_timer==2'b11) |=>
// //        `true ##1 ew_light==RED; // abort emgcy_sensor==1'b1);
// //    endproperty : EwLightToRed
// //    EwLightToRed_1 : assert property (EwLightToRed);

  // GREEN-YELLOW at the smae time
  property NeverGreenYellow;
     not ((ew_light==GREEN && ns_light==YELLOW) ||
          (ns_light==GREEN && ew_light==YELLOW));
  endproperty : NeverGreenYellow
  NeverGreenYellow_1: assert property (@ (posedge clk) NeverGreenYellow);

  // NEW PROPERTIES 09/10/09
    // **************************************************  
  // The NorthSouth light is the main street light.  
  // It must remain GREEN for ns_green_timer == 3 before it can switch. 
  // Timer ns_green_timer will count to 3, and remain at 3 until light changes.
   property NsGreenForMin3Ccyles;
    @ (posedge clk) disable iff (!reset_n || emgcy_sensor) 
      $rose(ns_light==GREEN) && !$past(emgcy_sensor) |=> 
             ns_light==GREEN[*2]; // abort emgcy_sensor);
//              ns_light==GREEN ##1 ns_light==GREEN; // abort emgcy_sensor);					 
  endproperty : NsGreenForMin3Ccyles
  NsGreenForMin3Ccyles_1 : assert property (NsGreenForMin3Ccyles);

  // **************************************************
  // East-West North-South Lights with East-West sensor 
  // If ew_sensor is activated (new car), then light will switch for the ew_light 
  // when minimum time for ns_light is satisfied.  ew_green_timer will count to 3, 
  // at which time, the ns_green_timer will regain control of GREEN.
   property EwNewSensorActivation;
    @ (posedge clk) disable iff (!reset_n || emgcy_sensor) 
     ( (ew_sensor==1'b1) && $rose(ns_green_timer==2'b11 )) && !$past(emgcy_sensor) && ns_light!= RED |-> 
          ##[1:3] ns_light==YELLOW ##1 ew_light==GREEN; 
   endproperty : EwNewSensorActivation
   EwNewSensorActivation_1 : assert property (EwNewSensorActivation);
	 // End of new properties 09/10/09
  // Cleaned-up property for EW sensor:
  property EwNewSensorActivation_w(int del);
    @ (posedge clk) disable iff (!reset_n || emgcy_sensor) 
    ew_sensor |->  ##[0:del] ew_light==GREEN; 
   endproperty : EwNewSensorActivation_w

   EwNewSensorActivation3: assert property (EwNewSensorActivation_w(3));
 //  EwNewSensorActivation6 : assert property (EwNewSensorActivation_w(6));
   EwNewSensorActivation10 : assert property (EwNewSensorActivation_w(10));
   EwNewSensorActivation11 : assert property (EwNewSensorActivation_w(11));
   EwNewSensorActivation12 : assert property (EwNewSensorActivation_w(12));

endmodule : tlight_props

bind trafficlight tlight_props tlight_props1 (.*);

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