Seminar Notification: Portable Stimulus - Fremont, CA

Are you a Design or Verification Engineer or Manager interested in Portable Stimulus?

Portable Stimulus: Are You Ready for a Verification Revolution?

In this seminar, you will learn more about Portable Stimulus (PSS): A new language and a new methodology with great promise in verification productivity and quality; but requires adoption of new tools, user re-education and infrastructure retooling – all potentially disruptive and costly endeavors. Is there a way to adopt this revolutionary innovation incrementally? Reuse can be the Evolution that enables the PSS Revolution.

Date, Time & Location:

  • Thursday, September 26th
  • 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM US/Pacific
  • Fremont, CA


  • PSS: What, Why and How
  • PSS Reuse Requires a New Way of Thinking
  • PSS Examples: Going from IP to SoC with Questa inFact
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