November 17th - Verification Management & Planning Web Seminar

Registration is open for a Verification Management and Planning web seminar on Thursday, November 17th. Because of the worldwide interest in the subject matter, two presentation times are scheduled; 10:00 AM CET and 9:00 AM US/Pacific.


When verification is not under control, project schedules slip, quality is jeopardized and the risk of re-spins soars. What’s required is a common platform and environment that provides all parties – system architects, software engineers, designers and verification specialists – with real-time visibility into the project. And it’s not just to the verification plan, but also to the specifications and the design, both of which change over time.

In addition - if you are already an Academy Total Access member, get a head start on Verification Management & Planning by viewing the 3 sessions by Subject Matter Expert, Peet James.

Watch and Learn:

  • How to close the loop between verification plans and verification using electronic closure to ensure you hit your market windows on schedule.
  • How to manage priorities, risk and keep resources on track.
  • How to reduce the volume of data within the process while still having full visibility into the progress of the project.
  • How to jumpstart the debug process by analyzing results across multiple tool runs.
  • How reduce maintenance, improve automation and ensure your efforts are focused on verification and not environment infrastructure.

Date and Time:

  • Online
  • Thursday, November 17th.
  • 10:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM US/Pacific

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