How to use a variable in uvm test and same variable in the sequence

HI ,

I want a scenario where UVM tests has an int variable declared. (Variable increments in the test.)

The same variable/datatype is used as a checker in the sequence once the body completes.

please let me know how to use it.


Pass it as inline constraint in the sequence or assign it the same using the sequence object as follows.

class test extends uvm_test;
int v;

virtual task run_phase(uvm_phase phase);
  seq = sequence1::type_id::create("sequence1");
  seq.v = this.v;
  seq.start( < **sequencer**>);


The solution provided by @Sabarish works if the value of the variable does not change in the test once the sequence gets started.

You can create a shared object containing the variable and share a handle to the object using the uvm_config_db.

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