How do I collect coverage for register from multiple address locations

class reg_functional_coverage extends uvm_subscriber #(axi_seq_item);

axi_reg_block regmodel;

covergroup reg_rw_cov;
 	option.per_instance = 1;
	MODE: coverpoint regmodel.my_Register[1:0];  

	RW: coverpoint regmode.my_Register[7];  

	RW_CROSS: cross MODE, RW;
endgroup: reg_rw_cov

covergroup reg_rw_cov;


my_Register is 8 bit. Register model contains 128 instances of my_Registers in following order
Four my_Registers are arranged in 32 bit row and there are 32 rows as shown below,

          bit 31  ....................................bit0

row 0 my_Register_3 my_Register_2 my_Register_1 my_Register_0
row 1 …
row 31 my_Register_127 my_Register_126 my_Register_125 my_Register_124

Access to any of these 32*4=128 my_Register should collect coverage.
I can not split my_Register in to 128 covergorups and collect coverage since Multiple covergroups can not be combined.

What is the best approach? Do you have any example?

In reply to superUVM:

Your question is not clear. What scenario are you trying to collect coverage for?

In reply to dave_59:
Any of my_register_* can be written by host. They are arranged in memory as shown above.

1)collect combined coverage of registers in bin MODE when bit [1:0] of any of 128 registers is set.
2)collect combined coverage of registers in bin RW when bit [7] of any of 128 registers is set.
3) Collect combined cross coverage of MODE and RW. i.e. Cross coverage should use bit[1:0] and bit[7] of same register. Multiple registers will be written and need to combine cross coverage of all those registers.