Fatal: (SIGSEGV) Bad handle or reference, Error

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cgales, I’m sincerely thankful for you time on this matter.

It is almost 6:30 pm here. I will come back to the university lab tomorrow again to work on that.
wish “Questa” had some student license.

any way, Thanks man. Hopefully I reach some conclusion tomorrow.

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Two issues in this. One is your creating the env twice - module and test environment. Second, the set_config_params() which creates the config object, after the env creation. Do it before env creation. Creation of config object is done in set_config_params(). Why you used m_config = new() in test build_phase. Do the changes and re-compile it.

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Thanks to Cgales, and Nithya.

I have changed the tow issue that you discussed. Now, everything is fine finally.

Thanks a lot… :D