Cross between two coverpoints and specific bits

I am trying to do coverage between specific bits between two different coverpoint:
(i want to get combination of “POINT1=0 and POINT2=1”

 POINT1      		 : coverpoint cfg.mode     			
 					     {	bins zero = {0};
					bins one  = {1};	}
 POINT2      		 : coverpoint cfg.mode     			
 					     {	bins zero = {0};
					bins one  = {1};	}

 POINT1_CROSS_POINT2        : cross POINT1, POINT2 iff (cfg.rstn) {
     					bins  1_zero_cross_2one   = binsof (POINT1) intersect {0} && binsof (POINT2) intersect {1};

But i dont get on the coverage the bin “1_zero_cross_2one” and if i covered it.
What i get is all the options between “POINT1” and “POINT2” and that’s not what i want.

In reply to oglick:

When you cross 2 coverpoints, the bins in the cross need to be hit in the same sample as the bins in the coverpoint. Since both coverpoints are sampling the same expression, there is no way they could every be both 0 and 1 in the same sample point.

I’m guessing you have not accurately described your situation.

I want to check a cross between:
one bit of a signal named “POINT1”
one bit of a different signal named “POINT2”
my goal is to create a coverage for when those two bits (of different signals - the expressions) are being hit at the same time.
I might have written it wrong (prob. why it’s not working).

In reply to oglick:

What you just described is different from the original code you posted. The code shows the signals being the same.

One thing you could try is creating another ocverpoint instead of a cross.

POINT1_CROSS_POINT2 : coverpoint signal1 ==0 && signal2 =1 {
   bins hit = {1};