Backdoor access in RAL

In UVM_RAL while using backdoor access how the mirrored value gets updated ?

In reply to SATYA369:

read and write are considering both the DUT registers as well as the mirror, independently if you are using backdoor or frontdoor access.
peek and poke are designated for backdoor and these commands are doing the same. peek is a backdoor read and poke a backdoor write.

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Is there any predictor to update the mirrored value in backdoor access? In frontdoor access the predictor take place to update the mirrored value by connecting the analysis port of monitor to predictor. In backdoor how the mirrored value updated? Anyone can help me how this is updated.


In reply to Siva91221:

The read/write is updating both registers, DUT and mirror.
The same is valis for the backdoor commands peek/poke.
For synchronizing the entries in both cases the predict method is used.