AXI cache

Can anyone tell, how to implement cache concept in axi verification ip? Is cache concept required in VIP to verify complete protocol(like to verify cacheable,bufferable concept)??

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Rahul,

cache-ability/Buffer-ability basically is a property of the interconnect/memory management unit which changes the characteristics of the transaction reaching the slave in terms of the data width, transaction size etc.
Ex: Two 16bit consecutive writes to a slave can be translated to one one 32 bit write at slave (First 16bit data & address will be buffered by the interconnect). Similarly, two consecutive 16-bit reads from master can translate only to a single 32-bit read from slave (32-bit read data and address will be cached by the interconnect).

In order to verify this, basically the same addr/read data cache, addr/write data buffer needs to be implemented in your end-to-end master slave AXI scoreboard of VIP (if you are planning to deliver one with your VIP). So, appropriate master/slave transaction comparison can be made instead of doing a regular one-to-one transaction comparisons which can result in false failure in such cases.



  1. Care must be taken to flush/update the buffer/cache contents in the scoreboard based on the transactions generated by AXI master.
  2. I have worked on cache-able/buffer-able for other processor protocol and verified the same. I believe the underlying concepts remains the same with AXI too, and any minor differences need to be taken care.

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Thank you S.P.Rajkumar.V. This was helpful!