AHB verification

I want to verify AHB slave for basic read & write transfer. For that i want to create uvm environment in which driver will send input transaction into Slave (DUT). Do i need only one agent or two agent ?

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You want at least two: an active master agent and a passive slave agent. You might want more depending on the environment your DUT gets used. (i.e. will there be multiple masters and slaves on your bus) and whether your testing includes requirements for those situations.

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Thank you for your response. I am new to verification. For the first time i am working on protocol based design verification. I studied in uvm cookbook that for one DUT interface, one agent is required. In my case, DUT is single AHB slave into which i want to drive inputs using single driver. I wrote single sequence item class containing properties that are inputs to & outputs from AHB slave. Single sequence class that will generate sequence item. I used single monitor to sample both DUT input txns & output txns & then broadcast them using two analysis port, one for input txns & other for output txns. So i am using single agent to drive inputs & sample outputs. Please correct me & tell me what modifications i need to do.