AHB verification using UVM


I had wrote a verification environment for APB in which driver acts like an master and slave as DUT.
Now I am going to develop a VIP for AHB. But I am not clear about a concept of VIP and simple environment.
in AHB there are four blocks master, slave, arbiter, driver.
I am not getting the direction that how should I plan for the VIP of AHB. I have searched it on net but there is generalised information.

If there is any other source on internet please suggest me.

Thank you.

In reply to Prathamesh Govardhane:

I have code for AHB VIP on my GitHub. However this does not have arbiter, and its only a basic implementation with few issues. But you will be able to understand how VIP components interact with each other, and how to set it for active/passive configuration.

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Hello MayurKubavat,
Can you please share your AHB VIP with me? Does it have pipeline implemented in driver?

In reply to Sadman21:

You might find the code here