About non-masking condition in exclude list

This is regarding wheteher to exclude the condition or not, whether r_pincheck_done_0 will be zero and the non masking condition is ~(r3_en_trim != 0),the question is what is non masking conditon? and do we see whether ~(r3_en_trim!=0) must be equal to 1 so that r3_en_trim value is 1?

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Have no idea what you are trying to describe. Is this about VIP? If so, you need to conatic the VIP provider?

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sorry for that, i just want to know about what is non-masking condtion(in code-coverge file) and if there is a non-masking condition how to hit that value?

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OK, so now we know you are talking about expression coverage. We still can’t help you without seeing the code you are trying to get coverage on. Generally, a non-masking condition is setting the values of some signals to isolate the change in another signal. For example if you have the expression (A && B), B=1 is the non-masking condition to isolate A. You haven’t shown the relationship between r_pincheck_done_0 and the other expression.