Vim Syntax highlighting for SystemVerilog and OVM


I have created a VIM syntax file for SystemVerilog and OVM.
Its at

You have to create a file named ~/.vim/syntax/verilog_systemverilog.vim for this.



I think, the syntax file looks grrrreat.

In the indent file, I think, you should include the ovm_utils macros like `ovm_component_utils_begin and others.

Once you do that too, I am think, I am going to delete my files and start using yours.


thanks.Really what i want.

Hey guys
Thanx for putting this.HOw to use the files please clarify

  1. mkdir .vim directory in your home directory
  2. copy ftddetect,indent,syntax directory to .vim/

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this. It rocks!!

Sorry to bring up an old thread. I’ve copied the files into the .vim directory. Syntax works great. How do I use the indentation part?

Hi guys,

Why not use DVT from AMIQ? DVT=Design and Verification Tools

You have much more than syntax highligth! (autocomplete, errors signaled as you type, code navigation, linting for OVM compliance, advanced search, TODO markers, revision control, code format, code templates and much more…)

In short it helps you decrease the time needed to write your code!

Best regards,

Thanks Anil…for the effort

I copied the files in ~/.vim/ftddetect,indent,syntax in UNIX env.
But still when I don’t see any represetation for .v/.vs file in gvim.
Do i have to do any thing else?


Really it rocks ! Thanks for this useful puppy !!!