UVM Sequence Layering - Easier Tests


Rich Edelman

Date: May 18, 2010  

UVM Sequence Layering - Easier Tests

The UVM Layering 1.0 Package provides the means to add layers of tests (sequences) without modifying the underlying testbench and without extending components or using the factory to override implementations.

This layering release comes with examples and documentation demonstrating layering simple tests, but also complex tests and register tests.

See the release-notes.txt for known issues with uvm-1.0ea.

Download: uvm_layering-1.0.tar_0.gz  

In reply to richedelman:

UVM_FATAL @ 0: frame_sequencer_port [ILLCRT] It is illegal to create a component (‘frame_sequencer_port’ under ‘uvm_test_top.large_packet_agent.layering_sequencer’) after the build phase has ended.

it has this error with uvm 1.1d, how could I solve it.

This example is obsolete. Please see Sequences/Layering | Verification Academy