UCDB API and XML Interchange Format Description

Contributor: Harry Foster Mentor Graphics
Date: February 25, 2009  

UCDB API and XML Interchange Format Description

Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. have extended the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) to include the Unified Coverage Database (UCDB) application program interface (API) and an XML interchange format. The availability of the UCDB API and complementary XML interchange format documentation will allow verification teams to manage coverage metrics in a multi-tool, multi-vendor verification environment, and represents a step toward a standardized approach to managing coverage metrics.

With the UCDB API and the XML interchange format, verification teams are given the building blocks to manage the enormous amount of information generated during the verification process in a consistent manner with greater flexibility, and to tailor data transfer and analysis capabilities best suited to their tool and verification environment.

Check back in the next couple days for an example C code application that uses that uses the UCDB API to write out a UCDB XML interchange format file!

-The UCDB Team

Download: UCDB_0.zip  

In reply to harrydfoster:

The attached link does not work.
Where is the XML Schema for the UCDB API and XML Interchange Format?

In reply to fred.gotwald:

The link has been fixed. Note that the OVM is obsolete and the UCDB API has evolved into Accellera’s UCIS.