In several places around rtl I insert this in initial block:

if (! ovm_pkg::ovm_root::get().get_config_object("name", obj, 0)) begin 
                        obj = new("name"); 
                        ovm_pkg::ovm_root::get().set_config_object(ovm_pkg::ovm_root::get().get_full_name(), "name", obj, 0); 
using obj

In the first initial that happened it get into the if and do set_config_object.
I the second initial it jump over the if and get the obj by get_config_object that inside the if condition.
For some reason the third initial get into the if (get_config_object return 0) and do again set_config_object.

Do you have any idea why it could happened? Can it be that I have 2 ovm_root?