How to disable the scoreboard's function dynamically from the running sequence

Hi, everyone, I have a question that how to disable the scoreboard’s function dynamically from the running sequence? How to make sequence can “see” the scoreboard class instance, which I can control to set the disable variable of that scoreboard.
Any alternative ideas are also welcome.

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Even I am waiting for a reply on this.


Hi Zhao,

Dynamic allocation of the is not the good idea. Actually transaction class is the only dynamic entity in any environment.
Though you delete-allocate scoreboard run-time there are chances that you will miss the transactions after deletion of scoreboard instance.

As per my past experiences disabling the scoreboard comparison on-the-fly is good idea.

Hope this helps!


One possibility is to use a field in a configuration object referenced by the scoreboard and the sequence (in the sequence’s case via its sequencer). This means that the scoreboard needs to sample the enable/disable value.

The only problem that I can see is that you need to remember to re-enable the scoreboard at the end of the sequence otherwise you might get a false pass.

mperyer : you have answered one of my questions regarding the excution order of new tasked based phases in UVM early. I was wondering that except the methodology ( putting sb as a dynamic, or a static component), can i start seq in run_phase() of uvm_test, set_confg in the body of seq, and get_config in the main_phase in the sb ? since the order is run_phase()…pre_main(), main_phase()…