All the example archives seems to be corrupt/un-accessible!

Hello Team,

I tried to download some of the UVM register examples given in the download site and after downloading when I tried to un-tar the same, the archive seems to be corrupt and unable to view the files. Can you upload/ resolve the same.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi and sorry that you are having difficulties downloading the examples.

Some users have reported to us that some combinations of Browser version and Linux ‘tar’ command version may not support the compressed tarballs available for download.

As a workaround, please follow the instructions at the top of the Code Examples page:

   If you click on the filename in your browser then you will prompted to
   either open or save the file. Once saved, the file should be opened with:

   tar -zxf <name_of_file>   OR   gunzip <name_of_file.tgz> ; tar -xf <name_of_file.tar>

   This will create the example directory structure.

Try the second ‘two step’ command - hopefully this workaround will resolve the problem for you.
If you still have difficulties, please send us the exact filename of the file you downloaded to your drive, and the exact size in bytes (e.g. send us an ‘ls -l FILE’ output from your machine) and we will investigate further.


Hello Gordon,

Thanks for the clarification. I was actually trying to download the examples in the windows and faced the issue. When I tried opening them in linux domain, it went fine and was able to access the files.

Appreciate your immediate help.

Thanks for the feedback, it is very useful as it helps us improve the site to accommodate more users with different software setups.

We noticed some users with Winzip having a windows-specific problem. Our advice for Windows users is:

Try 7-Zip and that should solve your problem.

After you download the file, right click on the file name, and select open with "7-Zip File Manager" and be sure that you check the box, "always use the selected program to open this kind of file".