Unable to find the specification for the DUTs considered in the UVMF examples

The UVMF user guide illustrates a few examples (like UVM Framework for ahb2wb DUT). It also mentions that the ahb2wb DUT specification is present in the docs folder (Page 22 in UVMF User Guide). However, I don’t find any PDF doc explaining about the DUT. Was anyone able to find the spec doc for these DUTs? These specification docs would be really helpful to better understand the examples illustrated in the user guide.

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Thank you for pointing out the missing ahb2wb design specification. Upon further review we noticed that the docs directory for the wb2spi project do not include a design spec either. The original specifications no longer reflect the designs. One of the UVMF core team members will create these specifications and reply to this thread when the documentation is in a UVMF release.

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Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the design specs.