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Using Synopsys Designware VIP with OVM

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I need to use Designware VIP PCI Express in an OVM environment. I have not seen any posts on this so I am going to wing it.

I was thinking about instantiating the VIP in a tb_top.v where the DUT is instantiated and creating an SV Interface to communicate from an OVM Agent (Driver) to the VIP. The VIP has method calls for configuration, sending, and receiving packets. I have not thought this through yet; so I am unsure whether I can call those VIP methods with the correct parameters from the SV Interface.

My OVM Agent is a basic agent which has a driver, monitor, Sequencer, and Sequences.

Any thoughts about this approach would be appreciated!






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Hi Don,

I am also looking for "Using Synopsys Designware VIP with OVM"

Can you elaborate more how you used?