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Introducing the Coverage Cookbook

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The Coverage Cookbook is a series of online linked articles designed to help you master the methodology and process required to effectively adopt a coverage-driven verification flow by providing:
  • a foundation of understanding on the various types of coverage metrics available today, and how to effectively use them
  • a repeatable process for creating functional coverage models distilled from a specification
  • real-world examples used to demonstrate the functional coverage modeling process
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What is Coverage?From Spec to TestplanCreating a Coverage ModelAPB Bus Coverage ExampleUart Block  Coverage ExampleDatapath Coverage Example(future Block Coverage Examples)SoC-level Coverage Example)Coding for AnalysisCode Coverage MetricsFunctional Coverage MetricsCoverage Cookbook
Join Academy Subject Matter Expert, Tom Fitzpatrick and view the archived Cookbook Recipe of the Month Web Seminar - Beyond UVM: Effectively Modeling and Analyzing Coverage.


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System Administrator
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The Coverage Cookbook continues to grow since its debut this past November. For DVCon, the Coverage experts have added much more detail on the Coverage-Driven Verification flow going from Specification to Verification Plan and Verification Plan to Coverage model. In addition, a new chapter focusing on SoC Coverage was introduced that describes techniques for composing the coverage model from abstractions of whole-chip concerns such as interaction between modules, firmware, low power modes, and how those may be reflected in the Verification Plan. Be sure to check out the latest additions to the Coverage Cookbook as well as the new downloadable examples for module-level and bus-protocol coverage and stay tuned for future Coverage Cookbook updates that will include even more examples and will address Coverage closure in even greater detail.